While the whole world reels from the coronavirus pandemic, it seems that more and more people have been taking different interests and hobbies to keep themselves sane and happy.

As others learn new skills, such as baking, cooking, or painting, fitness buffs and enthusiasts chime in their love for physical fitness and health by doing home workouts without the gym gear.

So, whether you’ve made a new year’s resolution of staying healthy or you’re just sick of your #quaranGains, don’t let the quarantine stop you from doing your exercise routine. Thanks to the internet and social media, you can browse through all the workout videos and bring your gym studio at home.

However, there’s no denying that you get a totally different vibe working out at home. Of course, you know that! And we understand that you’re not always on your A-game when doing your workout sessions at home.

Is it because you’ve been using different household items as alternative gym equipment? If a backpack chock full of books (dumbbells alternative) isn’t doing the trick, maybe it’s time to stop cutting corners and wear high-quality workout clothes during your home exercise.

High-quality and stylish women’s gym wear might boost your confidence and give you the motivation you need to get started.

At Brasilwearbiz, we’re ready to give you a list of the best workout clothes you must wear for your home workout session.


Are you planning to go out of the neighbourhood for a quick jog? Don’t skimp on your workout outfit and wear Brasilwearbiz Crop Top Basic. Crop It offers a steady and broad bust coverage for you to feel supported from all directions.

Black crop top
Basic Crop top

Crop Top Basic [Black]

This Crop Top Basic has a steady and broad bust coverage. Designed for optimised action back support so you can minimise incurring injuries during intense workout.

All you need is to pair it with your favourite running shorts and shoes, and you are good to go. Whenever you’re jogging, always wear breathable clothes with sweat-wicking fabric such as our women’s activewear Crop Top Basic.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

If you’re beginner enjoying HIIT videos on the internet, you might as well try to wear clothes fit your workout routine. You can sport clothes that allow to move and execute your routines properly.

women's grey gym leggings
workout leggings for women

V-Band Fusion Band Long Leggings [Grey]

This Workout leggings provides exceptional support and does a great job at eliminating muffin-tops. The V-Band can be worn in various activities like jogging, strength training, and others.

At Brasilwearbiz, we have a beautiful range of Brazilian Leggings to help you with your journey to fitness. A pair of V-Band Fusion Band Long Leggings provides exceptional support, giving you a sleek profile by eliminating your muffin-tops.


Yoga is an excellent activity to get rid of the additional stress you are experiencing this pandemic. It helps you communicate your thoughts as you perform different meditation routines. If you’re a beginner yogi searching for yoga outfits, then Brasilwearbiz’s line of workout pants for women give you both the comfort and support you deserve.

black yoga pants
black yoga tights

7/8th Leggings [Black]

These high waisted gym tights give your legs a slimmer profile with its seamless and minimal design. Suitable for your yoga sessions at home, you can choose to wear this anytime and anywhere.

You can sport our yoga pants as it remains lightweight so you can move around with ease and maximum comfort. Roll out your mat and start your yoga sessions now!


Were you doing Pilates before the quarantine? If so, what’s stopping you from doing it at home? Make your quarantine more productive, and start your Pilates routine at home.

Gym tights for women
tight yoga pants

Fusion Band 3 Qtr Tights [Pink-Grey-Black]

Whether you are going out for an intense run or you plan to go on a light jog around the block, you can rely on our Fusion Band line of women’s activewear for maximum movement and comfort.

You can sport your favourite tank tops and pair it with our Fusion Band ¾ Tights. We use high-quality Supplex fabric in every pair. This fabric allows you to be flexible and agile as you complete your routine. As for the footwear, go with something comfortable. You can wear socks for added grip.

Zumba Dancing

Get grooving with fashionable our Brazilian activewear and statement pieces for Women. You can totally wear anything from our line and feel comfortable with our tights, leggings, and long sleeve workout tops. Start by mixing and matching our singlet and dance pants as you dance to the beat of the music.

black singlet
Ladies Singlet

Singlet Amni [Black]

This Black Singlet Emni is the perfect women’s activewear. You can sport a casual bottom and dress it up with a jacket. hey can easily style it up.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with our extensive range of activewear clothes. So, what are you waiting for? Feel the rhythm and pick your Zumba outfit at BrasilwearBiz.

At-Home Workout: We Make It Work Out!

It can be hard to follow your exercise routine, especially since most of our daily movement is restricted during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re missing your fitness classes, you are probably thinking of different ways to get some movement in. At-home workout comes as a perfect solution to help you get back to your usual shape. Now, more than ever, exercise is necessary. It can significantly decrease the feeling of anxiety and help ease the stress due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Get back in shape and make home workouts work for you with the extensive line of durable, stylish but cheap gym wear by BrasilwearBiz.

At BrasilwearBiz, we continue to design and sell activewear clothes that give every woman a flattering line – whether she’s out and about or working out at home.

Look and feel your best with BrasilwearBiz! Shop and order your comfortable tops, leggings, and workout outfits online or visit our store at Five Ways, Paddington.