Sleeveless Hoodie [Black] DF30074


On days when you don’t want to fix your hair, you need something that can cover you up without looking too baggy. With our Sleeveless Hoodie, you can cover your hair up and still be comfortable while working out.

Our workout hoodies for women’s activewear are made with dri-fit fabric that’s both breathable and stylish. So, if you want a cover-up that’s still comfortable and not flattering, this sleeveless hoodie is for you.



Black sleeveless hoodie manufactured with DRYFIT fabric, nice and light and great for any occasion

We love Dryfit fabric because

  • Dryfit breathes while you exercise or travel
  • Dryfit looks stylish and give a flattering line
  • Dryfit is very long lasting and hard wearing – a great investment!

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