Fusion Band 3 Qtr Tights [Pink-Grey-Black] BW43409

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A pair of Brasilwearbiz Fusion Band 3/4 tights makes the perfect workout pants for women. It goes just beyond the knees, so you remain flexible and agile while working out. This super comfortable 3/4 length tights is made with high quality supplex and comes in black with grey and pink trim-all fast colours.

Whether you are going out for an intense run or you plan to go on a light jog around the block, you can rely on our Fusion Band line of women’s activewear for maximum movement and comfort.

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Fusion Band 3/4 gym tights under knees well fitting-made with high quality supplex,all fast colours

We love Supplex because:

  • Supplex breathes while you exercise or travel
  • Supplex looks stylish and give a flattering line
  • Supplex puts away your muffin top
  • Supplex is very long lasting and hard wearing – a great investment!

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2 reviews for Fusion Band 3 Qtr Tights [Pink-Grey-Black] BW43409

  1. Gemma Meany

    I am very pleased with these fusion band tights. The material is extremely comfy and stays put even when I perform different yoga routines. They are also squat-safe due to their high-quality material. I know how difficult is to choose leggings online without seeing them first, but I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending these to anyone.

  2. Indiana Barwell

    I love the fit and quality of these tights. They also have a really good design, and I also love the 3/4 length version compared to longer or full-length yoga pants. They are snug in the sense that they stay up and not too tight. They also don’t roll down unless I’m doing some weird moves. Recommended.

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