You’re always on the hunt for the perfect activewear. Searching for the best women’s gym wear brands can be tricky. It’s either you love them, or you don’t. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing women’s activewear – the aesthetic, the design, the function, the fit, the material and a whole lot more.

Maybe you’ve exhausted all your energy from browsing through an extensive list of activewear online. Well, you wouldn’t want to order a pair of leggings that don’t flatter your bum. Don’t you?

Activewear has been part of women’s everyday lives. Gone are the days where gym clothes only emerge from our closets when we feel like hitting the gym. Today, men and women’s activewear make bold statements meeting both style and functionality – you can even easily go from the gym to the pubs without changing your outfit.

As you embrace another year of fitness, don’t stress over your fit kits and check out the best gym wear perfect for your exercise and of course, your Insta-feed.

The best comfortable gym wear: 3/4 Tights High-Waist

3/4 Tights High-Waist
Do you want to wear feminine and chic outfits while doing your squats? Nobody is stopping you to get the ¾ high-waist tights at BrasilwearBiz. As a proud Australian brand, BrasilwearBiz has high-quality pieces that offer good support.

With luxe and soft fabric, our activewear guarantees to provide the comfort you deserve. Sizing is important in every gym wear. Sure, you have experienced your bum all scrunched up or your leggings not fitting well. Good that, many customers have agreed on this: the tights feel snug and cosy as you wear them.

You’ll be surprised that this piece is only below a hundred bucks. So, if you like to grab your own pair, check out the flattering pieces available on our site.

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The best affordable women’s gym wear: Crop Top Basic

Crop Top Basic

BrasilwearBiz is one of the brands to look out for if you are looking for affordable and quality activewear top for women.

Price doesn’t always equate on quality. So why would you end up buying a crop top worth hundreds of bucks, when you can get quality for literally half of it.

Are you beginning to start your gym routine? If yes, the basic crop top is a bang for your buck. Not everyone wants to splurge on gym clothes. When you’re tight on a budget or you don’t want to spend a couple of bucks for your activewear, scroll on some good finds like the basic crop top on our website. We have items on sale that you’d surely love.

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The best everyday activewear: Dance Pants

 Dance Pants for women

Every day is a comfy pants day with BrasilwearBiz’ dance pants. Known for its comfortable basics, BrasilwearBiz has perfected the craft for over a decade. Many customers have continuously patronised the brand’s designs for its effortlessly stylish yet comfortable fit.

Distinguished by its versatility, the dance pants could even compare to comfortable everyday sweatpants when you simply want to chill but still look good.

Whether you’d wear it for your yoga sesh, on your post-workout trip to the store, these pairs of dance pants are totally up your alley.

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The best workout gear for the bold: Singlet Action Back

Singlet Action Back

Are you tired of wearing the same old monochrome outfit? Check out our action back singlet in orange. Pop with colour, this garment fits well for women who want to rock the treadmill.

Well, you could never say no to a good colour combo. If you’re the type who wants to make a statement style, BrasilwearBiz should be on top of your list. You’re spoilt for choice from high waisted gym tights, and sports bras available.

From bold prints to bright neons, the brand categorises street clothes and performance apparel fit for your specific needs. Other than the gym wear, you can choose accessories that would definitely complete the whole gym ensemble.

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The best stylish workout gear: V-Band Fusion Long Leggings

V-Band Fusion Long Leggings

Women live for fashion. From trendy tops to flattering tights, BrasilwearBiz has them all and more. But more than stylish activewear, women also want high-intensity gym clothes. At BrasilwearBiz, we offer performance wear perfect for high-impact training and heavy weightlifting. They are not only stylish but are very durable. The clothes move with your body and offer maximum support for any activity.

With the V-band fusion long leggings, you’d never be out of style anywhere you want to be. This gear can perfectly match any of your outfit, even your pumps. Fancy a visit to the farmer’s market? Try sporting this gear.

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The best workout clothes overall: BrasilwearBiz

For over a decade, BrasilwearBiz has perfected the combination of appealing and chic women’s activewear through their dedicated research and understanding of the gym wear circuit. All their products are specially made from the highest quality Supplex fabric from Brazil. With colourfast technology, you’re sure to keep your clothes pretty neat and bright even after several fits. The garments are durable and long-lasting; it can even last you up to 5 years. What a steal!

With the promise to help women feel confidently stylish and comfortable, BrasilwearBiz takes pride in its collection of garments fit for any setting. Whether you’d go to work, hit the gym, or train for your dance, BrasilwearBiz has got you the right wear.

More than that, they also offer right-sizing just for you. As the best workout clothes, Brasilwearbiz tops the list since it checks out being aesthetically pleasing, functional, form-fitting and durable – all that you need to consider in a perfect gym wear.

Designed for comfort and durability, you will get the best bang for your buck with BrasilwearBiz’s Activewear for Women.

If you’re looking for the perfect gym wear for your Pilates and yoga sessions, visit our boutique in the heart of Paddington to avail of the best deals today. Do you want to shop at your own convenience? Not a problem, our website makes that possible. What are you waiting for? Shop now!